Fast-track Leadership Workshop

This workshop is designed to increase your self-awareness and behavioural choices in a quantum and enduring way. It is not for the faint-hearted, as the process is intensive and challenging. It will require curiosity,psychological robustness and openness from you.

The work will reveal to you the underlying deep beliefs you hold,which give rise to your present attitudes and behavioural choices. This is in essence your own unique”map of the world” which charts your view of the world and your place in it.

Unless we seek to reveal it,this map remains largely unconscious. As it is the source of our attitudes and behaviours, it is only when we have full sight of the map that we are able to change attitudes and behaviours that are sub-optimal. This explains why most conventional leadership coaching, which focuses on behaviour, largely fails.

The work begins with an exploratory interview where we jointly decide whether this approach is suitable for you. Assuming it is,we would schedule 3 three hour sessions within a 10 day time period. We would also timetable a 2 hour meeting  2-3 weeks later to review and consolidate your learning. Before the start of the first session you would be asked to draw up a family tree going back as far as your grand-parents.In the first 2 sessions I would take a detailed history of your family up to the present day. This is a structured process of enquiry which gives me the raw data  with which to re-construct the formative crucible of your childhood. This I would do between the second and third sessions. Where there are gaps in your knowledge,these can themselves be revealing. In all families, themes and issues will form cross generational threads. Tying together these threads is essential in truly understanding your heritage and its impact on you.

In the third session I would play back to you the hypotheses I formed from my analysis. Invariably, my clients will recognize these hypotheses as accurate as they resonate with the buried knowledge we all hold.

From this greatly expanded self-awareness, I have found that most clients experience a profound and lasting shift in their ability to select the optimal behaviours in any given situation.This leads to greatly enhanced performance.It has on most occasions proved to be truly life-changing.