I have a proven track record, best illustrated by the comments of a few of my clients.

On leadership coaching:

Sam Dipiazza, past Global CEO of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, says
“Avy Erasmus has given thoughtful insight and guidance to me over many years. She has the unique ability to remain objective and independent in her assessment while engaging with me on a deeply personal basis. Her insight into both the roots of the issues and the external factors at play are invaluable in assisting me to manage through the most challenging situations.

Avy has been instrumental to my development as a leader in the very complex world of professional services. Her sensitive and insightful advice has made me a better person and a better leader.“

Frank Brown, Dean of INSEAD, says
“Avy is an excellent coach and mentor. She has the uncanny ability to read between the lines and get to the heart of an issue or problem. But she doesn’t stop there. Avy helps bring about real change in both individuals and teams.”

Rob Ward, Managing Partner Regulatory Affairs, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Australia, says
“Avy is the highest calibre executive coach I have encountered or am aware of from others. She is just outstanding. She would challenge and add value to the most senior of executives of global business.”

On teambuilding:

Rumi Contractor, CEO Service Delivery, HSBC, says
“Until I met Avy, I was not a believer in airing ones dirty laundry in front of an outsider, nor thought there would be anything of value for my team and I to learn from creating a team building program.

I was wrong, and the reason I happily admit to my error has to do with the quality, care and depth of human understanding that Avy brought to the events. I knew most of the issues within the team, but without Avy’s help would not easily have understood the reasons behind certain actions and behaviours. I also believe that events such as these are life changing and you need someone to show you the way. We were lucky to Avy as our guide.”

On organizational consulting and coaching:

Jeff Jones, Vice President, Learning and Leadership Development, PIMCO
“Avy is at the leading edge of coaching and consulting. She is a master at understanding the often hidden factors that determine why people interact and behave the way they do. Added to this is an understanding of commercial reality that enables her to quickly build credibility at the most senior levels and a consulting style that is thoughtful, incisive and impactful. In my experience, this is a rare and potent combination that delivers impressive results.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Avy on a number of occasions. She is a class act.”